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Monday, May 24, 2010


Emily's tote :)
Its petite, but I think thats why I like it so much!
What you will need:
-Two regular size bandana's
-Sewing machine
-A few pins to stick in the fabric!
-Paint pen
-Stencils for words/decoration

I bought two bandana's from Walmart for $1/each.

I folded it "hot dog style". In layman's terms-I folded it across its horizontal axis :)

Then folded it across its vertical axis...or hamburger style :)

I sewed three edges of it (including the side that was already connected) leaving the top of the bag opened. Once i had gotten three sides sewn, I turned it inside out so that it wouldnt have all the stitching on the outside.

I folded down the edges on top of sewed the down so that the edges would be smooth on top-not jagged.
After that, i started the straps.
With my other bandana, I opened it and then folded it hot dog style as well. I cut two vertical strips off of it and pinned them in place for sewing onto the bag! Make sure to keep your ends on the "soon-to-be-straps" covered! ( so make sure to pin them from the inside out. Next, with your sewing machine, make sure to sew the straps on-go over it a few times. Since I was making this bag for my 5 year old niece flower girl, I knew the straps needed to be sturdy. No wonder what she will put in there!

After that, I put a peice of cardboard in the bag and wrote her name and put a few bits of decoration on it.

It was a fun project that I'm sure Emily will enjoy! :)

Until Next Time,
The future Mrs. D :)

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