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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hello all,
Joshua has invested in a bicycle. He looks pretty funny in his little helmet :) haha It's really cute. He likes his bike because now he can ride everywhere and not have to walk. He says its really hard on his muscles but really nice to not have to walk. It's probably even more helpful now that the weather is getting hot since now he doesn't have to be walking in the heat. He is doing great!
I bought some new Tennis Shoes for Joshua. I just sent them over to Korea so he should be getting them any day now. I also sent some cookies and home made snack mix. I know he'll enjoy that package. If anyone would like to send anything to him (letter,package,etc), I will send you the address- Just let me know!
It's finally arrived at my weekend. I don't have to work tonight or tomorrow night. I'm so relieved. It's so nice to get a weekend in. We have been busy at work. We had ZZ Top in for a few nights. All those managers and such were so nice. I got to meet the guys band manager Pablo Gamboa. Actually, Pablo called room service after hours and wanted some ice cream. Everyone told me that we couldn't serve him any because our Room Service wasn't in to give it to him. I decided that we should give him ice cream anyways. I scooped some ice cream and took it to him- He was so nice! He was like "awesome!!!" and then he introduced himself as if he was any other person. It was very nice to meet someone who you know has lots of money but is still so humble and kind.
As far as planning goes, I've been trying to finish my projects. I'm going to finish laquering my wood projects for the house this weekend. I am also going to start working on finishing up my flower balls. I enjoy being creative on a weekly basis. It's nice to get a chance to just let my creative side run wild :) haha
Well, off I go to work on my projects while I'm watching TV! I will leave you with a few pictures of Emily playing T-Ball while Steve coaches her! :)

Until Next Time,
The Future Mrs. :)

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