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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Illustrations for the past few blogs :)

My Reupholstered chair!! :):)

Mother's Day Dinner crew.

again :)

Carly!I have the most precious neice in the world!

Pa enjoying Emily and Carly's antics

To celebrate Mother's Day, all of us kids (minus bradley and joshua who are all in Korea) took Mom, Granny, and Sarah out to eat. We went to Mom's favorite restraunt. Even my two cousins (their immediate family is in Houston but they attend UT so they were stuck here for the holiday) got the chance to come! Its so nice to see them. I've only got one girl cousin so I've definitely learned to love my boy cousins. They are the two tall ones in the back of the pictures wearing the yellow and orange shirts. Why didn't i get any tall genes in me?!? Either way, we had a nice dinner. My oldest niece,Emily had lost a tooth since we had last seen her so she showed us all the "hole" in her mouth. My brother in law taught my little niece Carly how to frown so she showed us all her frown! It was very funny. She would frown and she would look so angry and then she'd bust out with a laugh because she knew she did it right! It was so precious and fun! We enjoyed our time, as we hope you enjoyed your holiday! The important thing to remember is that this holiday isnt just about having kids-it's about being supportive and loving for your family,whether you've just got a husband or just a cousin or just a grandparent, so whether you've got no kids or twenty, know that you are so very appreciated and loved!

until next time
The Future Mrs.

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