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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Don't have a long time to post today as I have my volunteering today and I've got to get lunch ready for when Joshua gets home from work since he only gets such a short time. We had a great Easter. We went to an Easter Egg Hunt/get together for Joshua's battalion. There were about 35 families there. Joshua and I just hung out with some couples that we knew. It was fun to watch all the kiddos run around. After we had lunch and watched the kiddos run after the eggs, we had a get together/cookout that afternoon with some couple friends of ours. They had a little Easter Egg hunt for their kiddos and then everyone cooked and brought lots of food. There was SO much to eat and it was all SO good! We never walk away from those cookouts feeling hungry, that's for sure! I am feeling quite blessed that I've come across this group of friends. They are all funny and so nice. I'm not sure how much I would be hating life right now if I hadn't found all these ladies.
Only 4 months and about 4 weeks until we get home! *whew* We are SO excited to finally be getting this close. I've only been here 4 and a half months and it already feels like a year! One of Joshua's closest friends found out where he will be stationed after Korea just recently so we keep hoping that we will find out soon!! We hope to go to Ft Bragg, NC or back to Ft Hood.... Those would both be ideal so we hope that's where they will send us!
Anyway, off to prepare some 'tuna cakes'. Recipe: here. Should be good....plus it's cheap! Win-win ;)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fourty Four

Sorry for such a delay in posting. I have been a busy bee. In fact, this week is the first week in close to a month that I actually sat around for two days straight.

The beginning of April brought my 23rd birthday. I spent the day out with some girls. We went and got our toe nails painted and had some good Korean food. They had Joshua working an overnight schedule so he was sleeping while we went out. Even though Joshua didn't want to be awake much on my birthday, it was nice that there were some cool girls to keep me distracted!

Volunteering is going great. I'm volunteering three days a week, each at a different place. Korean children are so fun. They aren't afraid to ask questions. They ask me why my hair color is the way that it is, why my eyes are green and why my skin is so white. They are SO curious. It's so fun though. In Korea, everyone has straight or wavy black hair and dark brown eyes so to see someone with dirty blonde hair and green eyes is very odd to them. In Korea, everyone strives to be fair skinned. Their prejudice is that the darker your skin, the poorer you are. I explained to the kids that it's opposite in America. Everyone wants to be tan, not white. I told them that I was the sad one because I couldn't tan! Haha They didn't believe me! Then they said "Well what about your president? Did he tan too long?" Haha They have no idea about political correctness. I explained to them that he wasn't white- that's why he was darker! Nothing to do with tanning. "Ohhhh..." was all they had to say about that. They are talkative and I am starting to understand them better. I learned a new word. 'Sorry' in Korean is pronounced Mee-yun-sam-nida.

I have also started riding the city bus. I've never ridden a city bus in the states... I mean, ew! But here, it's not nearly so bad. It's pretty easy (even though nothing is in English) and it saves money, which is always nice!
In other news, Easter is fast approaching! We are planning on a cook out with some friends at the nearby military housing base about 30 minutes from us. Mom sent me some confetti eggs for Easter so I'm going to take it to the little ones who should have a blast with it! I'm going to cook some corn casserole (Aunt Nancy's recipe) and make some little Easter rice crispy treat snacks! I'll have to make sure and take pictures of the snacks! They should be lots of fun!

This weekend, we went to a nearby city (about 50 minutes south of us) of Cheongdo and saw bull fights!
It's kinda like a rodeo in Korea. Two bulls would come out and they would be led in by their trainer. They lead them in by having a rope looped through the bulls nose. They lead them right to eachother and the bulls head-butt eachother until one gives up! We got there around 1 or so on Sunday afternoon. The first couple fights were pretty quick. They would start head butting and then one would give up very quickly. The fights got more intense as the day went on. By about 3, there was a fight that lasted probably 30 minutes. They would just sit there and push on eachother. At one point we thought it was over because one started to be pushed in the opposite direction and then he would catch himself and start pushing back. They took forever! But it always made it interesting. Our rodeos are more exciting, I think, but this was definitely something to remember! Glad I got to experience it here. We all had lots of fun. The boys enjoyed ice cream and they even had an "intermission" where they had a singer come and sing. We got pictures of her because she was so close to us, but we didnt' have any idea who she was and what she was saying lol. People near us told one of the guys we were with that she was "Number one!!!" Ha! So maybe we saw someone famous!
Anyway, we are trying to enjoy our time here as best we can (even though I would love to be sitting in Austin, TX typing this!!) and will continue to try and do so. About our bed time so signing off for now.
Lots of love.