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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Don't have a long time to post today as I have my volunteering today and I've got to get lunch ready for when Joshua gets home from work since he only gets such a short time. We had a great Easter. We went to an Easter Egg Hunt/get together for Joshua's battalion. There were about 35 families there. Joshua and I just hung out with some couples that we knew. It was fun to watch all the kiddos run around. After we had lunch and watched the kiddos run after the eggs, we had a get together/cookout that afternoon with some couple friends of ours. They had a little Easter Egg hunt for their kiddos and then everyone cooked and brought lots of food. There was SO much to eat and it was all SO good! We never walk away from those cookouts feeling hungry, that's for sure! I am feeling quite blessed that I've come across this group of friends. They are all funny and so nice. I'm not sure how much I would be hating life right now if I hadn't found all these ladies.
Only 4 months and about 4 weeks until we get home! *whew* We are SO excited to finally be getting this close. I've only been here 4 and a half months and it already feels like a year! One of Joshua's closest friends found out where he will be stationed after Korea just recently so we keep hoping that we will find out soon!! We hope to go to Ft Bragg, NC or back to Ft Hood.... Those would both be ideal so we hope that's where they will send us!
Anyway, off to prepare some 'tuna cakes'. Recipe: here. Should be good....plus it's cheap! Win-win ;)


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