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Monday, August 16, 2010

Twenty Eight

Back to the world of blogging!
It hasn't been a very eventful week. In fact, it's been fairly chilled out.
I've got a meeting with an upscale gourmet pizza restraunt to discuss what they could offer for a Rehearsal Dinner/Lunch. They are located pretty close to the venue so I know it would be easily accessable, I just need to make sure it's a decent place and it would be a quiet establishment. If our guests can't hear us speak when we are speaking to the group, thats a problem :P haha.
I still haven't gotten my florals together...which annoys me. I'm trying to get it to work and it just...isn't. I'm trying to find a cheap place that will do a fabulous job, I just haven't come across it yet :(
UGH! Either way, we are just puttin' along here in the planning stages. We are getting to the point when Joshua will actually be home very soon :) Only about a month and a week! I can't tell you how much my heart yerns for that day! It will definitely be a reunion to remember. It will be over 8 months that we have been seperated when I finally get to pick him up at the airport!
Other than that, work has been goin' along just swell, too. Joshua is getting ready for a field mission that will last about 4 days and then next month, he will go to WLC (warrior leader class) so that when his promotion time comes up, he will be able to be promoted. It will be a little over two weeks (I think) and he will be getting done with that on September 23rd and then heading home on the 27th. It will be a rushed schedule, but then he will be able to relax for at least 30 days! ahhh relaxation :)

Until next time,
The future Mrs. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Twenty Seven

Wow, busy few weeks :) Things are really starting to fly by as we make our way to our October wedding. I have mailed out the invites and have started getting response cards back! Every time I get one in the mail I just about run the block to get back home so I can set everything down and open it. I pretty much know everyone who will and won't be able to make it... but still! It's so exciting.
I have learned the art of Mod Podge... It's so great. I have been mod podge-ing everything :) I bought and redid a chest of drawers. They were a bit dingy so i sanded them down and painted them a violet color. I put new black handles on the drawers. It looks awesome! And then I mod podged it :) I lined the drawers with a black giraffe print fabric and applied mod podge all over it to seal it into the drawer. It works flawlessly. I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them taken :)
Joshua has been a busy bee, too. At the beginning of July, he went to "soldier of the quarter" board at Camp Carroll (his base in Waegwon) and won, which was great! Then at the end of July, he went to Seoul to compete in another "soldier of the quarter" board which he didn't win. Despite not winning, he had a great trip and learned a lot! Then, just today, he went to the promotion board to get approved for a promotion to Sgt. He had been studying for months- even since I had been in Korea with him! He said he did awesome. He even said he overheard them talking afterwards about how great he did! So kudos to Joshua!! I can't wait to find out his official score :)
Last weekend, I went and visited Melissa and my little "nephew" Antonio. They are one of my bridesmaids and my ring bearer. They are doing great! And looking great, too! Despite being just two, Antonio is almost fully potty trained! Usually boys are a lot harder to train, so kudos to Mel for the hard work! Antonio is getting so big. He is talking up a storm. He will tell you all about everything.
My oldest niece Emily came and visited my mother and me about two weekends ago. It was fun. Emily is a boatload of energy and a boatload of fun...for the most part. One night, when Joshua was on my computer screen on Skype, Emily rushed in and jumped on the bed and just started chatting him up! haha! She is such a sucker for Joshua. I guess there aren't a ton of males in this family as her daddy is away a lot for the army and her uncle is in Korea with Joshua and she doesn't get to see her grandfathers very often so any male adult interaction is appetizing for her. She just loves him! When we would hold hands, she used to try and come in the middle of us- I guess she didn't want Aunt Hannah to have all of Uncle Joshua's attention! Ha! She is a mess! But all in all, she is a lot of fun. Carly has also come over to visit. Carly is getting so big! She will be two about 2 weeks after the wedding so she is talking up a storm too. She likes to play "night night baby" where she puts her baby doll on her tummy and then covers her with a blankey. She then pats the baby's back and says "night night". She also likes to make me do the same thing :P She will make me lay down and she will take a blanket (no matter how small) and put it on my back and pat it saying "night night. night night" She copies anything that Emily is doing. When she can't find Emily, she will walk around saying "meme! meme! meme!!". It's funny to think that I was probably like that with my sister when we were small!
Work is fun. We had a fun country star come in to visit for a couple nights. He was very nice and fairly humble. He did bust out his guitar for us to see it! It looked really awesome. Super jealous of it! Some of the girls at work are so sweet. Since my best friend and MOH Ashley has moved to Washington DC, it's been tough having all my closest friends live so far away. The girls at work make that a little easier. It's nice to have some females to talk to when I get the chance to run into them at work :)
Speaking of work, we had "celebrate service" week at work and at the end of the week they had a big luncheon (which I couldn't attend since I was sleeping!) where they announced the employees of the month. They gave me employee of the month! How great! I've only been working with them for 4 months so everyone was so impressed! It was really exciting and really encouraged me to continue the good service to all of our guests!
The bridesmaids are in the midst of planning the bridal shower! We are going to have two showers. The BM's are planning the first one and my mom and aunt are planning the second one. I am really excited for both showers. I can't wait to see all my favorite ladies :)
Well, I will update as things draw closer!
Until next time,
The future Mrs.