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Monday, August 16, 2010

Twenty Eight

Back to the world of blogging!
It hasn't been a very eventful week. In fact, it's been fairly chilled out.
I've got a meeting with an upscale gourmet pizza restraunt to discuss what they could offer for a Rehearsal Dinner/Lunch. They are located pretty close to the venue so I know it would be easily accessable, I just need to make sure it's a decent place and it would be a quiet establishment. If our guests can't hear us speak when we are speaking to the group, thats a problem :P haha.
I still haven't gotten my florals together...which annoys me. I'm trying to get it to work and it just...isn't. I'm trying to find a cheap place that will do a fabulous job, I just haven't come across it yet :(
UGH! Either way, we are just puttin' along here in the planning stages. We are getting to the point when Joshua will actually be home very soon :) Only about a month and a week! I can't tell you how much my heart yerns for that day! It will definitely be a reunion to remember. It will be over 8 months that we have been seperated when I finally get to pick him up at the airport!
Other than that, work has been goin' along just swell, too. Joshua is getting ready for a field mission that will last about 4 days and then next month, he will go to WLC (warrior leader class) so that when his promotion time comes up, he will be able to be promoted. It will be a little over two weeks (I think) and he will be getting done with that on September 23rd and then heading home on the 27th. It will be a rushed schedule, but then he will be able to relax for at least 30 days! ahhh relaxation :)

Until next time,
The future Mrs. :)

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