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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Twenty Nine

We are officially hitting the home stretch! I can't believe it. We are 4 weeks out! 28 days until our big day! Yesterday we bought Joshua's ticket home from Korea for his 30-day leave. We also purchased our plane tickets to our honeymoon destination, which I can not wait for!! The only real thing we have left to deal with is flowers. Joshua's mom, Linda, should be in on Friday to go pick out flowers for centerpieces and boutenniers. I've already got some flowers picked out, we're just going to get the rest taken care of. On Wednesday afternoon, I'm going to visit another florist about doing the real flowers for the wedding. The bridesmaids and I are going to have real floral bouquets, which I am super excited for. We are going to have PINK bouquets! I can't wait. So we've got most things done except for flowers and a few other details.
We just secured our pastor for the wedding, as well. Just after I was born, my father was graduating from seminary school. A couple that they graduated with live fairly close to this area. They attend the same church as my mom. Dr David Proctor told my mom that he'd be more than happy to do our ceremony! How great. We are almost "completing" our family circle by having them marry the child of the man they went to seminary with. How funny :)

Either way, dresses need to be hemmed and fitted and we need to get our florals straight, but other than that, we seem to be on the right path! Woo hoo :) So excited to start the rest of our lives! :)

Until next time,
The future Mrs!

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