This is a blog to keep our family and friends up to date on our lives even though we all live so far away from each other!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Hello All,
We haven't done too much of anything lately. It really hasnt felt like Christmas.Maybe its because I'm getting older so time slips by faster or maybe its because I wasnt at home this year?It honestly just felt like another day.Maybe it was both-I wasnt home and time has just been slipping by.
Christmas eve was fun. We hung out at Josh's room and spent the night at his barracks. In the morning on Christmas Day, we opened presents and Joshua finally got his 'Halo Wars' Risk Game.I kept it a suprise and he was so excited when he opened it. It was great. I got an Alabama Snuggie from Aunt Olga-I was very excited :) Joshua and I have been using it :) I like to wear it the right way and he likes to wear it backwards.haha

Christmas Day, We ate lunch at the Cafeteria on post. We ate yummy mac & cheese, ham, turkey, and all kinds of good stuff. YUM!we also had dinner there too. They had it all decked out-decorations,cake,etc. it was good. All day,we just watched movies. First we watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,later after dinner, we went to Joshua's Sgt's barracks room and watched 2012 and Couples Retreat with some of the guys. Both movies were really good!

On the 26th, Katie and Thomas invited some people over to their house for an "after Christmas party".We watched movies and then after a while,the boys started playing Call of Duty-they're favorite XBox game.
All in all,it was a decent holiday weekend. It was nice to have Joshua home for 4 days straight.Next weekend is New Years. We might be going to Seoul with another couple,not sure if we've got the mula yet,but if we can-we are going to go!
I finally got my Christmas present from Ashley today. She got me a pink Coach Passport cover.only she would know that i wanted something like that.She's super fabulous.Not to mention-awesome!Thanks so much,ash!
Well we love you guys and miss you terribly.I'm starting the countdown until I get home-January 31st is when I fly back in.
Until Next Time, America

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Tuesday the 22nd, Joshua's Battalion had its Christmas party.that was fun.I didnt take pictures so ooopppss!im sure i didnt disappoint too many of you haha :)

Wednesday (yesterday) the 23rd, the FRG (family readiness group) had its Christmas party.I took plenty of pictures for that.

We played "Dirty Santa" which was really fun. Joshua and I bought a Korean universal remote that had all Hongul words on the remote and the directions were in Hongul as well haha.We also put some yucky Korean toothpaste.his Commander was the one who opened it!it was hilarious!!

Josh's Commander

Katie opened the present that Dustin brought.it was Poptarts and Harry Potter #5.He said it was "dinner and a movie" haha

Martino opening his present and letting one of the kids help him

We had a lot of fun. We also recieved presents in the mail just within the last few days and ive been trying to hide them from joshua....he keeps trying to open them!hes so sneaky!!!lol We are going to watch a movie and maybe drink some hot cocoa to celebrate Christmas eve,so I will leave you with my favorite picture from the night.

Until Next Time, America,

Friday, December 18, 2009


We went bowling Sunday night before Josh and Thiele went to Kunsan AirBase for their "field" exercises or whatever.

It was Sgt Thiele,Ethridge,Dustin,Joshua and I. It was fun. Im HORRIBLE at bowling,but in the one game we finished,I beat Joshua atleast haha!but only just barely!I guess me and Joshua were meant for eachother since we can bowl the same scores haha.

Sgt Thiele && Etheridge


Joshua getting his bowl on..

Me bowling with the pink ball :)

It was a lot of fun and it was nice to be in an American place that plays American music!haha theres nothing like it when you havent heard an english Christmas song in sooo long and then you hear Elvis singing Blue Christmas :) its lovely.

Joshua has been gone all this week and was supposed to be back today (friday). Sadly,they got COMPLETELY snowed in and all of the AirBase is closed for driving.only Emergency vehicles are allowed,so theyll probably be up there all weekend-which sucks! I just saw one of his Sgt's thats about 2 people above him and he said that they would bring them home tomorrow,but seriously-thats going to be rough-driving in snow in a 5 ton vehicle that really doesnt go far above 40 mph anyways?i dont know...This is their weather forecast up there for this weekend:

Saturday: Chance of snow.high 1 degree.windchill -7degrees...wow!

Sunday: Chance of snow. high 2 degrees. windchill -6 degrees!

then Monday theres no chance of snow and it looks like it should let up and get warmer-its about time!its been snowing the whole time theyve been there except for maybe the first day!

After talking with Josh's Sgt, I did find out that on Christmas eve we can go to a Korean orphanage and help out with the kids!I'm so excited :) What an awesome idea to keep up the Christmas spirit and I miss Emily and Carly so much that I cant wait to see all the little kids. I want to buy them hair bows and clips and dresses and shoes but of course not all that will fit into our budget haha :) but anyways-im excited. I will have to post pictures once we get to do that!

ill leave you with this LOVELY (lol) picture of us that i took while we were waiting for Sgt Thiele to come see us on Saturday.

Until next time,America....


Monday, December 14, 2009


This weekend was a fairly lazy one. It was nice to have a relaxed weekend without having to run and go to the neighboring cities. I mean,its fun to go "see the sights" but its exhausting!lol We stayed in and went to bed early on Friday night. Saturday night,we went out to one of the bars and sat there enjoying the crowd. It was fun.
Last weekend (I think.They all start to run together after a while), Joshua and I went to the neighboring city of Daegu because I had seen a few bridal shops and really just thought it would be fun to try on some Korean dresses. We walked into one of the shops and they handed us a book of pictures of the dresses so i figured that it meant we were supposed to pick out which one we wanted to try on and then they would bring me to the back and let me put them on.....wrong.once we sat there and realized there was something wrong with this, i finally went and used my "sign language" to talk to the lady about how this all worked.it finally came out that these arent bridals shops that you get to BUY the dresses,you PAY to put it on and someone to take a picture of you in it!haha.Joshua and I decided that was a bit ridiculous and we would be fine with OUT doing it lol.Needless to say,the dress "shopping" didnt go as planned,but it was fun,never the less :) A definite learning experience.
Joshua is out for the whole week "in the field" which is a base about 6 hours away called Kunsan. Its a Korean ROK Army base. The guys take their trucks and just pretend to do drills,etc. Its just him and his other people on his "crew" so its just 4 of them all together out there. They drove out there Monday and will be there until Friday. I just want them to be back already! Its hard to be in Korea and not have him here.
I bought some new "bootleg" movies :) Julie & Julia and the Harry Potter 6. They both look like theyre DVD's I just bought brand new. I love it.and it only cost me about $8 all together :) woo.

Okay okay okay, I've bored you enough.
We send our love. I wish our worlds weren't so split.Half my life is in Texas and half my life is in Korea. Why can't it all just be in one hemisphere?!ah!
Until Next Time,

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've been in Korea for about 3 or so weeks now. I figured creating a blog would be helpful in keeping everyone in "the know" of what Joshua and I have been doing since some of y'all dont have facebook,etc..
Last weekend,Katie and Thomas (the people im staying with),Josh and Me,and another couple went and saw New Moon on the IMAX in the neighboring city of Daegu. It was fun. Instead of the theater being cold,it was hot.hot enough for me to take off my jacket and scarf and eventually I just quit holding Josh's hands because our hands got so sweaty!it was ridiculous.and it was insanely loud. The building that held the IMAX was huge.probably atleast 10 stories and the IMAX was just two floors. Everything is really compact here because they dont have a lot of land. In the first 3 floors or so or the building is a department store. It looks like a Nordstroms or something. I hav eno clue what was in the rest of the building. They have an underground parking garage for the cars that are going to the IMAX,shopping,etc. It was so expensive though! We were there for about 5 hours and it cost us 16000 won. Which is more or less $14.50.
In Daegu, they have malls underneath their streets.There are entrances on the sidewalks near intersectioins of roads.The entrance looks just like the entrance to a subway in New York.you walk underneath the street and when you get down the stairs its a long mall. I'm glad they thought of that kind of idea. Since Koreans drive INSANELY,people can cross the street by going underneath the road into the Mall. We found an Olive Garden, a Bennigans, and a KFC while we were running around in Daegu-it was lovely. (and Sarah,they have a Taco Bell over here on one of the bases!yay!!) We even found a bar that was run by an American!It was so nice to be able to speak English without trying to use sign language haha

^^ Both of those are from walking around downtown.in the bottom picture to the right you can see one of their dunkin' donuts.these people inhale donuts and coffee!!

^this is the bar we found.thats Katie and Thomas on the left.Josh in the middle in the grey shirt and the other couple we went with,The Martino's.

Joshua also re-enlisted while I was over here about a week ago. I was the only civillian in the room,therefore I was the only one in open toe shoes. They all asked me if my feet were cold,but lets be serious-I can wear flip flops in just about every type of weather! ;) It was really fun watching how all that swearing in and stuff was done and getting to meet some of his "big-wigs". They were all really nice and had good advice about Korea because most of them had been before.

Well i dont have too much else to write currently. Im about to go email all of you with this URL so I shall chat later,aligators!!