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Monday, December 14, 2009


This weekend was a fairly lazy one. It was nice to have a relaxed weekend without having to run and go to the neighboring cities. I mean,its fun to go "see the sights" but its exhausting!lol We stayed in and went to bed early on Friday night. Saturday night,we went out to one of the bars and sat there enjoying the crowd. It was fun.
Last weekend (I think.They all start to run together after a while), Joshua and I went to the neighboring city of Daegu because I had seen a few bridal shops and really just thought it would be fun to try on some Korean dresses. We walked into one of the shops and they handed us a book of pictures of the dresses so i figured that it meant we were supposed to pick out which one we wanted to try on and then they would bring me to the back and let me put them on.....wrong.once we sat there and realized there was something wrong with this, i finally went and used my "sign language" to talk to the lady about how this all worked.it finally came out that these arent bridals shops that you get to BUY the dresses,you PAY to put it on and someone to take a picture of you in it!haha.Joshua and I decided that was a bit ridiculous and we would be fine with OUT doing it lol.Needless to say,the dress "shopping" didnt go as planned,but it was fun,never the less :) A definite learning experience.
Joshua is out for the whole week "in the field" which is a base about 6 hours away called Kunsan. Its a Korean ROK Army base. The guys take their trucks and just pretend to do drills,etc. Its just him and his other people on his "crew" so its just 4 of them all together out there. They drove out there Monday and will be there until Friday. I just want them to be back already! Its hard to be in Korea and not have him here.
I bought some new "bootleg" movies :) Julie & Julia and the Harry Potter 6. They both look like theyre DVD's I just bought brand new. I love it.and it only cost me about $8 all together :) woo.

Okay okay okay, I've bored you enough.
We send our love. I wish our worlds weren't so split.Half my life is in Texas and half my life is in Korea. Why can't it all just be in one hemisphere?!ah!
Until Next Time,

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