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Friday, December 18, 2009


We went bowling Sunday night before Josh and Thiele went to Kunsan AirBase for their "field" exercises or whatever.

It was Sgt Thiele,Ethridge,Dustin,Joshua and I. It was fun. Im HORRIBLE at bowling,but in the one game we finished,I beat Joshua atleast haha!but only just barely!I guess me and Joshua were meant for eachother since we can bowl the same scores haha.

Sgt Thiele && Etheridge


Joshua getting his bowl on..

Me bowling with the pink ball :)

It was a lot of fun and it was nice to be in an American place that plays American music!haha theres nothing like it when you havent heard an english Christmas song in sooo long and then you hear Elvis singing Blue Christmas :) its lovely.

Joshua has been gone all this week and was supposed to be back today (friday). Sadly,they got COMPLETELY snowed in and all of the AirBase is closed for driving.only Emergency vehicles are allowed,so theyll probably be up there all weekend-which sucks! I just saw one of his Sgt's thats about 2 people above him and he said that they would bring them home tomorrow,but seriously-thats going to be rough-driving in snow in a 5 ton vehicle that really doesnt go far above 40 mph anyways?i dont know...This is their weather forecast up there for this weekend:

Saturday: Chance of snow.high 1 degree.windchill -7degrees...wow!

Sunday: Chance of snow. high 2 degrees. windchill -6 degrees!

then Monday theres no chance of snow and it looks like it should let up and get warmer-its about time!its been snowing the whole time theyve been there except for maybe the first day!

After talking with Josh's Sgt, I did find out that on Christmas eve we can go to a Korean orphanage and help out with the kids!I'm so excited :) What an awesome idea to keep up the Christmas spirit and I miss Emily and Carly so much that I cant wait to see all the little kids. I want to buy them hair bows and clips and dresses and shoes but of course not all that will fit into our budget haha :) but anyways-im excited. I will have to post pictures once we get to do that!

ill leave you with this LOVELY (lol) picture of us that i took while we were waiting for Sgt Thiele to come see us on Saturday.

Until next time,America....


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