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Monday, May 16, 2011


^^This is a picture of me and a few of my students from the place I volunteer with on Thursdays. These girls are super fun.
Things have been busy here in the Delp house. I have continued my volunteer work 3 days out of the week on top of making sure that the house is taken care of (for the most part at least ;)) and making sure dinner is cooked/prep'd. I juggle all of this on top of Joshua's crazy schedule of "Oh, I have to work late" and "We go to the field in 3 days". It's quite the juggling act, but all fun for the most part.
I have been trying my hand at different foods. I've made garlic bread sticks, homemade cresent roll stuffed crust pizza (Yes, it IS as good as it sounds! Yum!), different kinds of pigs-in-a-blanket, what I like to call "grown up grilled cheese", and just today I tried my hand at homemade butter. I got my hands all gooey and buttery for the cause! It looks good although I haven't gotten the chance to try any!
Last Monday, I made homemade lasagna. It was good! And it made SO much more than I thought it would so we invited some of Joshua's friends over to eat with us the next Wednesday to help us clear the leftovers. Boy did they eat! They ate the entire 9x13 pan of lasagna, devoured about 20 bread sticks and about half a bowl of my granny's pink stuff for dessert (my favorite-and so easy to make, too!). Tonight, we are making dinner again for some of his friends. I'm making Joshua's step-mother's famous broccoli, rice and cheese casserole, fresh corn cut off of the cob (all fresh: shucked and de-silked by yours truly!), homemade butter, and some cresent rolls. For dessert, we are having a Mountain Dew cake. A friend of mine over here gave me the recipe. You use an entire can of Mt Dew so I KNOW Joshua is going to love it.
I have been on a roll lately with the cooking and I am loving it. It's such a good hobby although it is SO bad for my waistline. Eeek! Oh well. At least it tastes good in my belly before it hits the waistline LOL.
About two weeks ago, we found out that we are headed for Fort Carson, CO when Joshua's tour here in Korea ends! We are stoked to say the least :) It's not Bragg and it's not Hood, but from what everyone else had been receiving, we count ourselves a part of the lucky ones! I am just excited to live less than 1000 miles away from a Walmart!!! WOO HOO!
We are about a week and a half away from mom coming to visit. She will arrive here on the 27th and will be staying with us until the 8th of June. I am excited she will be coming to visit! She is going to help me attempt to make Shrimp Gumbo with the fresh shrimp we bought in Busan a few weekends back. Should be delicious :)
Signing off for now. Got a lot to do before all those hungry boys get here in a couple hours!


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