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Monday, May 24, 2010


Good early morning, All. Just stopping in since I just finished another project which I am quite proud of, if I do say so myself :)

For this blog, I am going to show how i made my bridesmaid's bags....
**WARNING!** If you are a bridesmaid and you read this-you WILL ruin the surprise for yourself :(

I made tote bags for all 4 of my girls :)
I bought black bags from Hobby Lobby and decorated them. I'm going to put things in them, but this is the biggest part of the present! :)
What you will need:
Black tote bag
sewing machine
Thick Ribbon of choice color
2nd skinnier ribbon of different choice color
string of choice colors for sewing
paint pen
stencils for letters/decoration!
iron-on letters

1. First things first.the black bags!

2. I first wrote each of the "_____ maid" parts. and put the design around them.
Each girl gets a different verb in front of maid... some of them are inside jokes and some of them are just the words i know describe them perfectly! Choosing each girl's word was probably the best part of this project! Make sure you've got your thesaurus for this one, ladies! :)

3. Next, we get the first big ribbon!!
I chose a pink polka dot ribbon since our colors are dark pink and black!
I sewed the ribbon onto the bag. Be careful-if you dont use the string color that matches your ribbon of choice-they will be able to easily see where you didn't have that "perfect" straight line...hehe that happened to me quite a few times!

4. I discovered that it is a LOT easier to just tie a bow and sew the bow on instead of sewing the ribbon around like i had with the thick pink. When i was attempting to sew the bow on, I did make a discovery: going through the middle of the bow is NOT a good idea. I broke two sewing needles by going through the middle! It was just too dang thick, I guess! Either way, I think it turned out well!

5. Last, but never least, I put an initial of the girls on the back of the bags. Sadly...I forgot to take a picture of it... but I can tell you it looks really cute! For ashley's, I put a cursive letter "A" on the back of the bag in the middle of it.

I also made my oldest niece Emily a tote bag but i made it from two bandanas! It looks awesome! I've got pictures of it- but I'm going to use it for another blog :)

Until next time,
The future Mrs. :)

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