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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ah. It's been a busy busy few weeks. Emily had her 5th birthday party last weekend. I cant believe she's already 5. I remember holding her in the hospital after she had just been born!! She is becoming such a big girl- she just lost her second tooth! :) What a little miniature grown up :)

Happy Memorial day. It's such a nice holiday to sit back and remember those soldiers passed. Luckily, Joshua got a 4 day weekend, so we got a chance to spend a lot more time over the wecam with eachother. So that was nice.
I am reupholstering a parsons chair from Ikea. I am very excited. It is going to be blue and white stripped.
I have been buying lots of cloth to stock up for while I'm over in Korea. I also made a little pin cushion and jar for all my needles,string,etc. It's been fun getting crafty and ready for the new house in Korea.
We had some fun guests staying at the hotel over this weekend- Black Sabbath snuck in around 2am in the middle of the night after a concert of theirs. They made sure there was no one else around in the lobby when they came in after unloading two big busses. Even though I don't listen to their music, it was still neat to see them. Another cool celeb on the list :)
The next thing on my list for wedding planning is purchasing our invites from here. We are slowly getting to the countdown-only 4 months and 3 days until the wedding :):) woo. I can't wait to Joshua to get home for the wedding. It will be so nice to have my best friend that close :)

These are the flowers that Joshua sent me :) Aren't they just divine? The note he sent was so fabulous, too! Although I know he'd be pretty angry if I put his mushy talk on a blog- so I can't disclose what he said! haha :) Trust me, it was way cute!

Until Next Time,
The future Mrs.
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