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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twenty Three *First Dance Song!*

It's been quite a week. We had some fun people stay at the hotel over the weekend.
I also think I might've decided on a first dance song.
Of course its an older song, but I love Adele's version.

ahh..Its so great. Adele- To Make You Feel My Love.
I haven't decided for sure, but it makes me want to cry everytime I hear it :)
I am debating between that one and Beyonce- Ave Maria. It's an AMAZING version. It also makes me tear every time I hear it :)

Decisions, decisions!

I have been attempting to buy Emily's flower girl present. I wanted to get her a Bride Barbie but every time I went to walmart, target, etc they were sold out of the brides! I guess that's a popular one! So i went to Mattel.com and ordered one- even with shipping it was still cheaper than the $20 from Walmart and Target! Wow... who would have thought, right? I just got it in today :) I know she's going to loove it! The bride even has a pink sash on her dress :) Emily will freak when she sees it!

I finished one of my last pink lantern balls! It was so exciting. Now I've just got to finish the small ones for the aisle way chairs. Ugh. I'm so so ready to just get this thing over with! Only three months and three weeks to go- FINALLY!

Until Next Time,
The Future Mrs. :)

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