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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Geeze Louise! Time is flying fast. I can't believe we have been married for over two months! Eek!
My big flight over to Korea is on Wednesday. I'm a bit nervous to leave here, but excited to start our grand married-life adventure! I'm so excited to just go and get a chance to hold his hand and hug his neck! It's always odd to see him after we have been away for so long. Usually the first couple hours feel pretty surreal. It's like you are walking next to this face that you've only seen on webcam for so long! It's definitely a good feeling though :)
With our move getting closer and closer, I've only got a day left to spend with people and man have I tried to pack it full! I'm running to my granny's house (my connie), then over to visit with my friend Chelsi who came in town early just to see me (!!!), then I've got to head to Amanda H's mom's house to drop off presents for my "God-kitties" (Yes I am the GodMother to two cute little cats....hey, cats need love too!) and then to the movies to see the new Narnia movie with my best friend's sister Amanda G and one of my Korean counterparts Insook. I know it doesn't sound like much, but with all the visiting and chit chatting, I hope I don't wear myself out before the movie starts. I would hate to sleep through it! Ha!
A couple weeks ago, we recieved our wedding pictures back from our photographer. She did such an awesome job. She has great skill for being fairly brand new (only been shooting weddings for a little over a year, I think) and she is such a sweet person. When we met up at Starbucks for me to pick up the pictures, we sat and discussed how nerdy we were for Harry Potter and Twilight. *Sigh* The nerd in me loves meeting people who read my two favorite series! Haha :) She also was married at a young age, 19 to be exact. Her and her husband have been married for 6 years now! It's nice to find someone so young but so experienced with marriage. It's inspirational to say the least!
Well I am off. It is about 4am here and I am going to try and get some extra sleep in before I start my fun filled day! Woohoo!

The Mrs.o more "future" here!) :)

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