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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thirty Five

Ahhh we lived, we lived! Haha :) It has been a tense week here with the soldiers. You can feel the nervousness in the air. As Christmas is drawing nearer, you can tell things are getting a bit better. They have officially let the soldiers start drinking again. As we all can assume, most are very happy about this! Haha
I am so glad all this is calming down. It has definitely made the days long and stressful.
I am getting very excited about getting to see my little brother soon! Bradley is coming to stay with us on Christmas Eve morning. Joshua is working an all day/overnight shift on Christmas Eve so Bradley is going to keep me entertained! He is going to stay with us through Christmas Day. We bought presents for some of Joshua's closest friends so we will be delivering those to them on Christmas Eve and then opening presents on Christmas Day with Bradley. I am so glad to have some of my family with us for the holidays!
Other than that, after Monday's live-fire drills, our life has slowed down a bit! We went shopping today and got some knock-off ugg boots which are very cute! Woo Hoo :)

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