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Sunday, April 25, 2010


These few weeks have been slowly rolling by. I re-upholstered a living room chair for our house in Korea. I was so excited when i finally got it done. It's black, pink and white. it looks awesome. I will put pictures up as soon as i get them downloaded :)
Joshua seems to be doing great. He is studying continuously to go to "the board" and get promoted for work! I know he is ready to get that done and over with.
I have officially decided upon a menu for our wedding that we can afford. I'm really excited about it. We are finally coming up on the almost-close-enough-to-start-the-countdown months. I'm so very ready for October to come and for us to finally get our lives started. It will be oh-so-very fabulous! I have been slowly starting to collect flowers for our centerpeice arrangements. I also decided that instead of having small cakes on every table, I am going to have pies on every table for the guests. We will obviously have an *awesome* grooms cake and a very pretty wedding cake incase the guests dont want the pie on their table. I think it will add a cute little southern flair on our wedding. It shall be divine :)

When i get pictures, I will update the post again :)

Until next time
Hannah <3

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