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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


*Sigh* Another week gone and done. February is here, thank goodness! Glad to see the time start crawling by. I usually do nothing but despise being in Korea (Things in Korea would be easier if we just got rid of the Lt Col that is above Joshua. He is a complete jack ass and needs to go to someone else's unit. I'm tired of his ass hole ness.) but at this point, I think I will be sad to leave when September rolls around. I will be sad to get back to the normal way of life. Everything is so uncertain. Where will we be stationed next? How far away will I be from my family...again? It's easy to hate Korea, but it's hard to hate something in the states.
I guess I'll just always be a Texas girl....and a Korea girl?
Nothing exciting has happened since I last updated. Bradley came down to visit for probably the last time before he will leave to go home. He flies out the day after Valentine's Day :( I am sad to be losing my bro! (I am jealous that he will touch that beautiful American soil before me!) We all went out the night he came to visit. We had gone out the night before and stayed out until 3am so we didn't stay out too late the night he was here. It was SO cold, so that also encouraged us to get to our room and cuddle up in bed (me and joshua cuddle...not bradley :P ).
I have located (and snatched...even though they are technically free) a magazine that tells all about things/activities going on on base. There are apparently quite a few things going on for Valentine's Day on post. I have also located the schedule for the Yoga class!! This Saturday they are starting up a belly dancing class! And the best part is they are all free! So glad I can participate in all of these activities. I have been taking advantage of the gym as often as I can while I have been here. It makes me feel productive during my days while Joshua is at work :)
Either way, still no apartment yet. Almost there. We are waiting on Joshua's stupid Col to get it together so that he can finally "council" him so we can get approved to live off post. Seriously. This is slowing me down and I'm not happy about it :( I'm ready for my pretty three bedroom apartment..

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