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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've really fallen off my blog-wagon. The past few weeks have been MORE than hectic. A dear friend (that I was really close with all through high school and after) passed away in the last week in June. It was a terrible few days and it was very difficult without Joshua here. It was expected as he had been very sick but I don't think anything can ever prep you for losing a 23-year-old. It feels weird and it turns my stomach. Joshua was as supportive as he could be from half way around the world, but it still was rough.
Either way, Christopher always told me to just cry it out and get over it, so I did. I cried it out and am moving on, not without all my crazy and funny memories we made, but moving on none the less. He would expect me to. I've kept in touch with his sweet girlfriend which I know he would be happy about, as well. Anything to help ease their situations.

On to the wedding junk, I've got invitations that I ordered, received, and have written out. I'm just waiting to mail them out,now! I'm pretty excited for them as they are so super cute! I also have picked out a bridesmaid dress which i am SUPER excited for :)
This one will be Ashley's, in black, of course.
When I find the link to the other girls dress, I will make sure to post the link up here :)
I've also booked the DJ so that's one last thing I need to take care of!

I'm so glad I've got those things taken care of! The next things I am looking for is finalizing who is doing the cake, finding someone to take care of the flowers and someone for hair and makeup :)
*whew* We're already past the 3 month mark. Can't believe it!

Until Next Time,
The Future Mrs.

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