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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog Ten

Wow.it has been a busy few weeks. For those of you not in Austin, we got a good bit of snow on Tuesday.
I had an interview for the historic Stephen F Austin hotel last Friday. They called me back that afternoon and told me they had another position within the hotel that they'd like me to interview for. It will be an overnight job (11pm-7am) which would be nice, it would mean that I would be on Joshuas schedule. It would be quite convenient. Ive got the interview for that on Friday morning.
I went and visited Joshuas family in Houston last weekend. We had a lot of fun. I even snapped a few pictures of Justin bowling and he didnt even know it :) Joshuas mom so graciously offered to do our flowers and to fly her sister in to do our cake! What a load off and what a nice gesture!I cant wait!
I've been keeping quite busy with wedding stuff lately. Finished my first craft Rose Ball for decoration and I'm working on my second one. I'm going to Ashley's sisters house tomorrow and shes going to help me with some of the bridesmaids gifts. Ashley and her sister Amanda are so helpful and creative with this wedding!
I found the perfect present for one of my flower girls-my youngest niece Carly.Its one of Fisher Price "Little People" collection. Its a little princess and prince wedding set up. Its adorable! I plan on getting my niece Emily a Bride Barbie for her flower girl present.
Mom has been so helpful since Ive gotten back from Korea. She has helped me with anything I havent been able to do myself,such as if I need gas in my car,she helps to fill it up. Its so nice to know that Ive got an awesome mom to rely on!
Ive currently become obsessed with TCM. oh goodness,they show some of my favorite old movies- The Awful Truth (with Cary Grant...YUM!), How to Marry a Millionaire (with Marilyn Monroe), the old school version of Alfie,etc. I love it!
Joshua is at my little brother Bradley's base in Korea so im sure Bradley is enjoying the company. Joshua will be staying there for close to a month. He has been brought up to the base to drive around some higher-up officers that will be in country for a meeting or some such. He is doing great. Im sure hes glad hes not here so i cant make him do wedding things!haha :) He is a great sport and can't wait for him to finally get here.October cant get here soon enough!
Until Next Time,my loves!

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